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What I wish I could tell every customer, if I only had the time &  if they would only listen ;) 

This is my random list of conversations I've had at least 100 bazillion times, but still think are worth repeating:

1.     PLEASE GET YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED! It helps us more than we can tell you!  Unaltered pets have yucky bodily fluids we'd rather not have to tell you about, they are healthier, they listen better, it doesn't change their personality, and about 100 more reasons listed below. You want a fact provided by the Humane Society that will blow your mind? Are you ready? “One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in just seven years “, get em fixed!

2. I don't believe in breeding dogs to make money, I'm totally against it.  In fact, forget the $ part, I just feel strongly against breeding.  The shelters are full  of all kinds of dogs and cats and euthanizing them everyday.  For every puppy that breeders place is an animal you don't see that doesn't get a home and gets killed.  Don't breed please.  Please.

3. We try very hard to not stress out or rush the animals.  We ask for a  4 hour window (in at 8am out by noon) to get your pet done and back in your arms.  We usually stick to that schedule or even less time, but we ask for your patience with us if we end up a little behind.  We will call you when they are ready to go, please try and be there within an hour.  It's good manners and your pet wants to go home.

4. Saturdays are our busiest day, we have many customers who schedule their Saturdays for an entire year ahead of time so that they can get the appointments they want.  If you need a certain day, don't be afraid to book ahead.   (Also selfishly, this cuts down on hundreds of phone calls a year and helps us get dogs out at their scheduled times, YAY!)

5. We lose many appointments to people who don't call to reschedule or "no show" their scheduled time. There is a $15 charge per pet for each missed appointment.  When someone no shows we still have to pay our overhead and employees, and another customer who would have liked that appointment loses out.  If you can't make your appointment, just call and let us know ASAP.

6. Are we booked on the day you need? Ask to be put on our cancellation list!

7. If you are looking to add to your family, please don’t go to a pet store. You can rescue a dog or cat that needs a home and literally save a life!  Pet store dogs and cats (NO MATTER WHAT THE STORE TELLS YOU) come from puppy mills, that’s just all there is to it.  The parents of the puppies at the store have been kept in a crate their whole life, and are used to create cute puppies until they are literally used up. Most puppy mill’s conditions are filthy and disgusting.  If people would stop buying puppies these mills would have to close down.  Puppy mills breed misery.

8. Brush and touch your dog at home.  We know when a dog is not used to getting brushed or having their feet or ears touched, the clue is usually when their teeth clamp down on us without notice. We give free lessons to anyone who needs help  getting their dog used to grooming, brushing and touching. Just ask, we want them to enjoy their time with us as much as you do.  It all comes down to practice, and after all “practice makes perfect!”

9. Food + nervous belly =  poo and/or vomit  (both of which are gross to clean up)  PLEASE don't feed your pet shortly before their appointment.  Unless they have a medical condition like diabetes, they will be just fine. 

Thanks for listening!
Your Friend,

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